Wireless Networks

Powercom can supply and professionally install wireless networks. This provides wireless internet in the physical environment, ensuring that the cyber environment is also welcoming.

Offering free wifi to customers is an excellent incentive and can can encourage loyalty and increase customer base.

Accessible WiFi Networks

These days, you don’t have to be in an office or sat at home to access the internet. More and more consumers and business users are demanding connectivity wherever they choose – and are choosing where to go based on the availability of a wireless connection.

In a recent survey, 58% of wireless users said that they choose where they eat, drink, sleep and meet based purely on the fact that a wireless internet connection is available.

Is your business equipped to attract this massive potential customer base?

Powercom offer secure fully managed public access WiFi Networks.

Modern WiFi Solutions

Powercom are able to offer Wireless Hospitality products which enable the provision of Wireless Hotspots providing Internet services quickly and effectively.

Reliable Infrastructure

The company are able to support existing infrastructures already equipped with Wireless equipment or new sites that may require a Wireless Survey to ascertain both where and how many wireless access points and/or other network equipment would be required for a new Wi-Fi Hotspot deployment/installation.